Change to Membership Rates – New Categories

On September 29, 2023 ICOMOS Canada voted in a general assembly to approve new membership rates and categories to be effective beginning for the 2024 renewal period.

The new rates and categories are designed to make membership more accessible for emerging professionals and retired professionals, while also decreasing the pay disparity between professional and affiliate members. More specifically this introduces a new rate for retired professionals set at 120$ annually, and divides emerging professionals into two new categories: 1) Young Professionals (those under 30) at 50$ annually, and 2) Emerging Professionals, available to self identified EP for a maximum of 5 renewals. The changes also increase affiliate membership from 100$ to 120$ annually, reflecting the fact that ICOMOS Canada pays the same dues to ICOMOS International for either membership.

For more information on the full motion see the motion document linked here.