Indigenous Heritage Working Group

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Guiding Principles

Between November 2020 and March 2021, ICOMOS Canada will serve as the Secretariat for the Working Group. As the Secretariat, ICOMOS Canada will convene stakeholders internationally to explore guiding principles and prepare a Terms of Reference that will guide the ICOMOS working group on Indigenous heritage for the years to come.

While the initial work focuses on Indigenous heritage and World Heritage, the need to understand and provide guidance on Indigenous cultural heritage is much broader and as such requires strong partnerships with other organizations and the support of numerous institutions. In particular, ICOMOS’s working group aims to become a platform for leaders of Indigenous communities to shape the definition of good practice and solid theory in conserving cultural heritage of significance to Indigenous communities around the world.

About the Project

The work of the Indigenous Heritage Working Group is a critical aspect of ICOMOS’ ability to meet its mandate of providing guidance on the conservation of cultural heritage and on supporting the implementation of the World Heritage Convention. Following the unanimous approval by the ICOMOS General Assembly in Delhi of a resolution on Indigenous heritage, an Ad Hoc Committee of members from various national and international scientific committees initiated the steps leading to the creation of an ICOMOS Working Group on Indigenous heritage.

ICOMOS Canada is also proud to partner with the Indigenous Heritage Circle (IHC) to further preservation efforts of Indigenous heritage in Canada and globally. The IHC is providing their guidance and expertise in the Steering Committee of the project. The IHC is an Indigenous-designed and Indigenous-led organization founded in 2016. The IHC is dedicated to the advancement of cultural heritage priorities that are of importance to Métis, Inuit, and First Nations Peoples in Canada.