2021 International Online Workshop on Indigenous Heritage

The ICOMOS Canada and the Indigenous Heritage Circle are coordinating the 2021 International Online Workshop on Indigenous Heritage to launch the ICOMOS Working Group on Indigenous Heritage. The three-day workshop will consist of keynote speakers, panel discussions, breakout discussions, and … Read More

Congratulations to our Canadian ICOMOS Honorary Members

ICOMOS Canada is proud to announce that ICOMOS has conferred Honorary Membership upon Mr. Dinu Bumbaru and Mr. Julian Smith at its 2020 General Assembly for their distinguished service in the field of conservation, restoration and enhancement of historical monuments, … Read More

Discussing Place, Nature, Culture, and Environment

There are many challenges in addressing Indigenous Heritage. Our first discussion, Place, Nature, Culture, and Environment, intends to focus on the challenges related to the separation of natural and cultural heritage. As Stefan Disko suggests “some of the strongest criticism … Read More

Propiedad y Administración Conjunta

Abordar el patrimonio indígena a través de la lente del discurso establecido presenta muchos desafíos. El segundo discusión de nuestra serie, organizado con ICOMOS de EE. UU., se centra en los temas de propiedad y administración conjunta. Las diferentes concepciones … Read More

Property and Co-Management

There are many challenges in approaching Indigenous heritage through the lens of established heritage discourse. Our second discussion in our series is focused on the themes of property and co-management. Different conceptions of property, as well as divergent expectations of … Read More

Upcoming Webinar: Authenticity & Outstanding Universal Value

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 3:30PM – 5:30PM EST Many challenges related to identification and presentation of Indigenous heritage arise from differences in understanding key World Heritage concepts, such as, “outstanding”, “exceptional”, “universal” and “authenticity”.  Considering this, the webinar discussion, Authenticity … Read More

A Letter from our President

For all of us, 2020 was a year full of challenges. This was no different for the nonprofit sector. Projects were delayed, funding was cut, and many workers lost their employment. In these difficult times, it has been extremely important … Read More

Lugar, Cultura y Medio Ambiente

Hay muchos retos al referirse a Patrimonio Cultural Indigena. El primer seminario de discusión, Lugar, Naturaleza, Cultura y Medio Ambiente, busca concentrarse en los retos relacionados con la separación del patrimonio natural y cultural. Como sugiere Stefan Disko: “algunas de … Read More

Upcoming Webinar: Property and Co-Management

December 15, 2020 | 3:30PM – 5:30PM EST There are many challenges in approaching Indigenous heritage through the lens of established heritage discourse. The second webinar discussion in our series, organized with US ICOMOS, is focused on the themes of … Read More

Background Research for Indigenous Heritage Working Group

In 2017 at the ICOMOS General Assembly and Symposium in Delhi, ICOMOS Canada proposed a resolution for the organization to develop practices to better understand and conserve Indigenous cultural heritage. As a result, ICOMOS has undertaken work to explore the application of … Read More

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