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ICOMOS Canada is the Canadian National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites. As such, it is the focus of international cultural resources exchange in Canada sharing preservation information and expertise worldwide.

ICOMOS Canada is the leading national authority on conservation philosophy and practice.

ICOMOS Canada seeks to raise the quality of conservation care provided to our built cultural heritage at national and international levels:

  • by defining appropriate principles and standards of care for conservation;
  • by promoting needed changes in conservation policy or programmes, on the basis of ongoing review of relevant policies / programmes;
  • by supporting scientific exchanges and forums in the heritage conservation field, and encouraging participation in these forums;
  • by encouraging scientific research in the conservation field;
  • by ensuring that Canadian practitioners benefit from conservation lessons gained elsewhere;
  • by ensuring that Canadian know-how and approaches are widely communicated to those in other jurisdictions who might profit from that knowledge;
  • by increasing public awareness of appropriate methods and approaches for the conservation and care of our built cultural heritage;
  • by developing links with organizations whose activities influence the well-being of our built cultural heritage.

National Conversation on Cultural Landscape


The National Conversation on Cultural Landscape is an ICOMOS Canada initiative to support a national conversation on emergent practices of cultural landscape approaches in Canada.

This is also the time to make sure you have your 2016 membership in place.

To renew your membership, you can download the membership form by clicking here.


bulletChristophe Rivet, President (Ontario)
bulletRobert Buckle, Vice-President — Strategic planning (Alberta)
bulletMichael McClelland, Vice-President — Memberships and funding (Ontario)
bulletNancy Oakley, Treasurer (Yukon)
bulletÈve Wertheimer, Secretary (Quebec)

Board Members

bulletClaudine Déom (Quebec)
bulletGeorges Drolet (Quebec)
bulletPatricia Glanville (Saskatchewan)
bulletBarbara Hogan (Yukon)
bulletRosa Milito (Ontario)
bulletJim Molnar (Ontario)
bulletLisa Prosper (Quebec)
bulletMarie-Andrée Thiffault (Quebec)

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