Welcome to ICOMOS Canada’s New Website!

ICOMOS Canada is proud to launch its new website, an important tool and a signal of the organization’s renewal.

Online communication tools are the cornerstone of ICOMOS Canada’s ability to share knowledge. The use of immediate and multiple types of communication tools helps us overcome the physical distances imposed by the broad geography of our country as well as the busy schedules of our active members. We can now meet our expectations of sharing our knowledge, discuss relevant issues, and innovate in our thinking about the theory and practice of conservation. With this new website, we are strengthening our mandate of influencing the development of national and international policies in the conservation of cultural heritage.

When we launched our first website at the end of the 1990s, we were pioneers in the use of modern communication tools. Thanks to the continuous efforts of our volunteer members, our online presence grew and inspired our colleagues from other national committees to use this efficient means of sharing knowledge. For this, I wish to thank especially Gordon Dewis who was a visionary in this matter and has consistently offered his support to ICOMOS Canada.

This new website is the beginning of our online renewal. This renewed presence was made possible thanks to the sustained effort of our Board, in particular Georges Drolet, and of the generous donations from ERA Architects and EVOQ Architecture. In the coming months, with the support of volunteer members, of the international scientific committee members, and of new partners, we hope to continue developing this site by offering a simplified membership application process and products offered exclusively to ICOMOS Canada members.

Christophe Rivet PhD
President, ICOMOS Canada