Heritage, Foreign Affairs and International Trade

On September 27th, 2018, Christophe Rivet, President of ICOMOS Canada, testified on behalf of the organization in front of the Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

The committee is carrying out a study on the impact and utilization of culture and arts in foreign policy and diplomacy. Considering that heritage is at the core of every country’s identity and that demonstrating interest in that heritage is key to establishing relationships based on mutual respect and understanding, ICOMOS Canada made three major recommendations to the Senate Committee:

  • To develop a cultural diplomacy policy that is anchored in both the export of Canadian expertise and the investment in cultural heritage abroad;
  • To establish an advisory committee comprised of members of industry and NGOs to offer recommendations on means of strengthening the value of Canadian investments through cultural diplomacy, and;
  • To consider assigning international development investments towards projects that relate to the conservation of cultural heritage so as to promote Canadian expertise, technology and good will.

The complete statement made by Christophe Rivet can be downloaded HERE, and the video recording of the session is available on the Senate of Canada website.