Mallory Wilson is the recipient of the 2018 Jacques Dalibard Award, recognizing her emerging leadership in the field of heritage conservation.

Mallory Wilson is a 2017 graduate of the University of Montreal’s Master’s in Environmental Design (Conservation of the Built Environment), where her research explored the potential of temporary use as an alternative strategy for the conservation of historic buildings. Since co-founding the Montreal non-profit Entremise in 2016, she has devoted her efforts to implementing this vision, namely through the pilot projects of the “Laboratoire transitoire” partnership. Mallory is also actively involved in other heritage organizations and initiatives, is the co-founder of the Vivre le patrimoine! Heritage Festival, and co-recipient of the 2017 Grand Prix of the City of Montreal’s Opération Patrimoine.

The 2018 award ceremony was held on May 25th, at the historic Notman House, during ICOMOS Canada’s Annual Meeting in Montreal. Mallory’s conference was entitled “Urban blight to common good: The transitional revitalization of existing buildings by and for communities”. The Award was presented by Rina Dalibard and Christophe Rivet.