This year’s Annual Meeting features four activities that are free and open to the public. These activities will explore the theme of Connection to Place from various perspectives and will appeal to both professionals and the interested public. We are very excited to offer these in partnership with NSCAD, ERA, the Halifax Central Library, and the CBC.



  • NSCAD – Exploring Connection to Place through Arts: Special Exhibit – May 23 to June 1

Curated by the Art Gallery at NSCAD, this original exhibit features pieces by three artists around the theme of Connection to Place. The exhibit will run from May 23 to June 1st at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, 1891 Granville Street, in downtown Halifax.


  • ERA – Start Small: Placemaking & Cultural EconomiesMay 24, 6pm

In collaboration with SMALL and ICOMOS Canada, ERA is proud to present Start Small: Placemaking & Cultural Economies, a talk with Halifax-area cultural economic drivers moderated by Philip Evans, Founder of SMALL and Principal at ERA Architects, held at Arts Bar + Projects, 1873 Granville Street.

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  • Halifax Central Library – Discussing Connection to Place through Conversations – May 25-27

The new Halifax Central Library (Spring Garden Road) is an ideal setting to have conversations about connecting with a place that has meaning. Where does that meaning derive from? How does a community express that connection? How can we ‘read’ a place to give a glimpse of its meaning to someone else?

These questions are at the heart of a three-day experience offered at the Library. Over the course of these days, individuals with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds will interact with the public to share their perspective. Come and meet poets, Mi’kmaq elders, musicians, architects, window sash makers, filmmakers and others to discover what they see and feel about places with which most of us may already be familiar. Same places, different connections!



  • CBC and Halifax Central Library Live Panel Discussion: Building Tensions: How is the Old and the New Interacting to Build Sustainable Cities? – May 25, 7pm.

Moderated by Paul Kennedy, host of the CBC radio show IDEAS, the conversation will explore the meaning of place through the eyes of architects with experience in contemporary and conservation architecture.

The tension between conserving heritage and creating new structures has gained renewed interest as cities are growing from immigration, communities are striving to define livable spaces, and an environmental consciousness has led to different building methods. The following panelists will share their experiences on negotiating questions of identity, livability, sense of place and sustainable development through their practice in cities around the world.

Elsa Lam, Editor of Canadian Architect Magazine (Toronto)
Brian MacKay-Lyons, Partner at MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects (Halifax)
Jean Carroon, Principal, Design, Preservation and Sustainability at Good Clancy (Boston)
Julia Gersovitz, Founding Partner of EVOQ Architecture (Montreal)

The live panel discussion takes place at the Halifax Central Library, main auditorium, starting at 7 pm. Seating is limited.