Launching our 2022 Membership Drive!

In spite of the challenges posed by the global pandemic, 2021 has been a year of growth.  We’ve continued our work as the International Secretariat for the ICOMOS Indigenous Heritage Working Group. We’ve held webinars, workshops in partnerships with new organizations across Canada, and we launched Youth In Heritage, Canada’s first-ever job portal dedicated to the cultural heritage sector.

In 2022, we are focusing on the following:

Diversify our sector by working with a range of partners in the cultural heritage conservation sector to help create and provide work opportunities for our youth in the sector.

Supporting Historic Sites by using our platform to shed light on the importance of the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Innovating in policy by supporting Canada’s effort in heritage policy matters, including researching and identifying the impacts of climate change on Canada’s cultural heritage.

Strengthening the National Committee by training and hiring staff, supporting our Board of Directors, and establishing committees and working groups to provide opportunities for members to participate.

Stewarding our members by identifying new and innovative opportunities to support and engage our members across Canada.

Establishing Cross-Sectoral Partners by taking a collaborative approach by identifying new national and international partners to bring cross-sectorial perspectives to our work.

We aim at continuing and increasing our efforts to preserve and highlight Canada’s cultural heritage. We invite all of our current members to renew their memberships for 2022 so that they can continue to witness the great work that ICOMOS Canada continues to do. We would also encourage professionals and institutions in the cultural heritage sector to consider becoming an ICOMOS Canada member and become active participants in the conversation around cultural heritage.

We would also like to encourage members to consider donating to provide an emerging professional membership to a youth seeking a career in the cultural heritage sector.