ICOMOS Working Group on Climate Change and Heritage

With the support of ICOMOS Canada, the 19th general Assembly of ICOMOS adopted a resolution “mobilizing ICOMOS and the Cultural Heritage community to help meet the challenge of climate change.”

The resolution urges ICOMOS “to develop appropriate mechanisms for overseeing ongoing development of ICOMOS’s climate change policies and engagement in light of the implementation of the Paris Agreement.” To this effect, an ICOMOS Working Group on Climate Change and Heritage (CCHWG) was created whose mandate is to:

  1. Develop and coordinate ICOMOS inputs into the update of the 2007 World Heritage Committee “Policy Document on the Impacts of Climate Change on World Heritage Properties;”
  2. Develop a draft global climate change organizational engagement program for ICOMOS;
  3. Coordinate the drafting of a new ICOMOS Charter on Climate Change and Heritage.

In the Spring, the CCHWG produced an Outline Project Concept Note and a Draft Work Plan. Andrew Potts, Working Group and US ICOMOS member, presented the objectives of this initiative as well as the content of these documents during ICOMOS Canada’s Annual Meeting in May. Two Canadians are members of the Working Group: Yves Prévost and Mario Santana Quintero.

You can consult the documents here: