ICOMOS Canada Newsletter

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ICOMOS Canada stands by ICOMOS’ Statement on Ukraine

ICOMOS deplores the lives already lost and threatened by the deterioration of the situation in the Ukrainian territory. ICOMOS also fears that serious threats weigh on Ukraine’s heritage. We are at the disposal of our colleagues and the authorities in Ukraine for any support or advice it may be able to give in safeguarding cultural heritage or risk preparedness measures.

Youth in Heritage program: An update

ICOMOS Canada is immensely proud of the outcome that we were able to achieve through the Youth in Heritage program. The program aimed at increasing youth involvement in the heritage sector through the creation of Canada’s first-ever job portal dedicated to the cultural heritage sector. The program offered skill development and career opportunities to the next generation of practitioners by bridging the gap between heritage organizations and potential candidates.

The Youth in Heritage program was able to help numerous organizations hire youth employees through the wage subsidy. We are offering wage subsidies for up to $2,870 for cultural heritage jobs until March 31st, 2022. This subsidy can apply retroactively for any position occupied by youth between April 1st, 2021, and March 31st, 2022.

Youth Testimonials

As we approach the end of the program, ICOMOS Canada would like to highlight some of the youth that was employed through this program

Bailey Pelletier | Wanuskewin Heritage Park | Interpretive Archeological Guide

Bailey Pelletier is a 25-year-old Indigenous archeologist, in her third year of grad school under the supervision of Dr. Ernie Walker. Her thesis focus is looking at the cultural Material of the site at Wanuskewin. This site has been a gathering place for all Nations of the Northern Plains for over 6400 years. Bailey is a lab instructor at the University of Saskatchewan as well. For the past three years, Bailey has worked as a tour guide at the park specializing in archeology programming.

“I guess a cool part of it all is I dug at the park in 2018, started working there the summer of 2019, and now I still work at the park and doing my masters on the same site I did field school! All ties together in the end.”

Matthew English | Tuckaway Farm, Apiary & Apothecary | Farm and Studio hand

Having Matt work at our sides has been a huge benefit to our farm, Tuckaway Farm, Apiary & Apothecary; not to mention, we have fun working with him too! Matt is a highly skilled individual and we feel so very lucky that he chooses to work with us. Our farm has grown and developed in the way we dreamt it might in large part due to his dedication, knowledge, willingness to learn new skills as well as his enthusiasm to explore his own interests.

“During the time I’ve been with Tuckaway, I’ve learned a wide array of valuable and interesting skills, gained knowledge in a lot of different aspects ranging from general farmhand knowledge, beekeeping, construction methods, weaving / spinning, plants/gardening and much more!! I’m thankful for these foundations as well the great hospitality provided by the owners. Working with them is something I continue to look forward to!!! It’s great to see a farm that not only benefits itself, but also the community in various ways. Hats off to Tuckaway!!”

50th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention

This year, we are marking the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention by coordinating a project built around three main activities to showcase Canada’s leadership in World Heritage matters while inviting thought-leaders to explore the future of World Heritage in Canada and beyond. We will be partnering with Parks Canada and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO to host a number of activities throughout the year.

Stay tuned for more information!

ICOMOS Canada’s Partnership with The Indigenous Heritage Working Group

We are pleased to announce the ICOMOS Board has approved the Guidelines of the Indigenous Heritage Working Group. ICOMOS Canada will continue to serve as its Secretariat and we look forward to working on this timely project

Call for presentations: National Trust Conference 2022

The annual National Trust Conference is Canada’s largest heritage learning and networking event. Held every year since 1974, the National Trust Conference brings together a wide range of people working to keep Canada’s heritage alive: from grassroots activists and elected officials to professionals, planners, policymakers, and property owners. Conference themes have tackled pressing issues for Canada’s heritage movement, including community revitalization, heritage tourism, sustainable development, and climate change.

The National Trust is currently accepting presentation proposals for the conference. We would like to invite our members to apply.