Youth in Heritage 2024/25 Applications Open

Youth in Heritage 2024/25 is now open! ICOMOS Canada is pleased to be able to offer this important resource for a third year!

Youth in Heritage is a flexible Wage Subsidy program. You can apply at any time, our applications close once all grants have been allocated We both support youth who are already employed and provide funding for jobs still accepting applications to help meet employers where they are at.

Canadian employers are eligible to apply so long as:

  • The youth is under 30
  • The youth holds Canadian Citizenship or Refugee/Permanent Residency Status
  • The employment is NOT receiving funding from a YESS funded program (eg YCW)

We have a flexible definition of heritage. The heritage sector relies on a wide variety of workers with diverse skills. ICOMOS Canada recognises this, and designed Youth in Heritage to help support this diversity. Examples of jobs we have supported in the past includes communications interns, maintenance workers at heritage sites, blacksmiths, and researchers!

Apply today for 50% up to 3,200$ in wage subsidies for youth employee!

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