Webinar: “Heritage for the Future” | Introducing The Youth in Heritage Program

November 10, 202112pm-1:30pm

Join us for a stimulating exchange between some of the leaders of the heritage movement in Canada, including, Christophe Rivet (President of ICOMOS Canada), Chris Uchiyama (President of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals), Julien Silvestre (Executive Director of the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec).

The future of heritage is sustainability. A panel of guests will discuss the relationship between heritage and sustainability and the way it shapes the involvement of the next generation of heritage practitioners. Is the practice responsive to this evolution? Are emerging professionals empowered to be agents of change? As we collectively tackle the social, cultural, economic, and environmental challenges ahead of us, are we able to develop the right tools and training for heritage conservation to have its expected impact?

This event will also mark the launch of the Youth in Heritage Program, an ICOMOS Canada project that pairs heritage sector employers with young Canadians eager to discover exciting work opportunities.