CBC Radio One’s IDEAS at Halifax 2017 – Tune in on June 19th

On the second day of ICOMOS Canada’s Annual Meeting in Halifax, Paul Kennedy, host of the CBC radio show IDEAS, moderated a conversation exploring the meaning of place through the eyes of architects with experience in contemporary and conservation architecture. Gathered at the Halifax Central Library, the panel included the Editor of Canadian Architect Magazine, Elsa Lam, Nova Scotia Architect Brian MacKay-Lyons and Conservation Architects Jean Carroon, Principal of Good Clancy (Boston) and Julia Gersovitz, Founding Partner of EVOQ Architecture (Montreal). The panelists shared their experiences on negotiating questions of identity, livability, sense of place and sustainable development through their practice in numerous cities.

The discussion, entitled Building Tensions: How is the Old and the New Interacting to Build Sustainable Cities?, will air on CBC Radio One on June 19th, 2017. Stay tuned!