National Heritage Organizations Respond to Federal Budget 2023 

In a federal budget appropriately focused on advancing Reconciliation, supporting Indigenous governance and capacity building, making life more affordable for the middle class, and creating a clean economy, there is an unfortunate lack of recognition of the role heritage places … Read More

2023 Elections Results

Congratulations to our two newest board members. ICOMOS Canada is excited to have Marcus Letourneau and Lucie K. Morisset join, and is grateful to all of the other candidates who put their name forward this election cycle. ICOMOS Canada encourages … Read More

Happy New Year!

We hope that you had restful winter holidays, and that 2023 is starting well for you.  As we leave 2022 behind, ICOMOS Canada would like to remind its current and past members to consider renewed support as a member for … Read More

Call for Members: Advisory Committee on World Heritage

As an advisory body for the UNESCO World Heritage Convention ICOMOS has a responsibility to provide an expert opinion on applications for world heritage status. As an extension of this responsibility, as a National Committee, ICOMOS Canada is now excited … Read More

Propiedad y Administración Conjunta

Abordar el patrimonio indígena a través de la lente del discurso establecido presenta muchos desafíos. El segundo discusión de nuestra serie, organizado con ICOMOS de EE. UU., se centra en los temas de propiedad y administración conjunta. Las diferentes concepciones … Read More

Lugar, Cultura y Medio Ambiente

Hay muchos retos al referirse a Patrimonio Cultural Indigena. El primer seminario de discusión, Lugar, Naturaleza, Cultura y Medio Ambiente, busca concentrarse en los retos relacionados con la separación del patrimonio natural y cultural. Como sugiere Stefan Disko: “algunas de … Read More