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Dear Members and Friends of ICOMOS Canada

ICOMOS Canada is very pleased to announce a series of meetings and workshops, to be held over the next eight months in Vancouver, Whitehorse, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. The purpose is to explore the theme of 'Heritage and Landscape as Human Values', in preparation for the 2014 ICOMOS General Assembly to be held in Florence in November. ICOMOS Canada acknowledges the key support of Parks Canada in this initiative.

We encourage all current and prospective ICOMOS Canada members to engage in these discussions. The sub-topics of the Florence symposium, including 'landscape as cultural habitat'; 'community-driven conservation'; 'traditional knowledge and sustainability'; 'tourism and interpretation'; and 'emerging tools' - address key issues in contemporary conservation theory and practice.

The process has already begun. The theme of the recent 2014 Saskatchewan Heritage Forum in Saskatoon was 'The Landscapes of Living Heritage'. ICOMOS Canada Board member Patricia Glanville and plenary speaker Lisa Prosper hosted an ICOMOS Canada event as part of the Forum.

The Montreal event, on March 15, will use the iconic landscape of Mont Saint-Hilaire to reflect on the intersection of culture and nature. It will include opening words at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mont-Saint-Hilaire, a visit and presentation by Georges Drolet, Architect, at the Ozias Leduc House, lunch at la Maison Amérindienne, visit and presentation at the Centre de la nature du Mont Saint-Hilaire, and group discussion. [for more information, please communicate with us at the following address: st-hilaire@icomos.canada.org]

The Edmonton event, on March 18 and 19, will open with a public forum featuring keynote speaker Dr. Ron van Oers of the World Heritage Institute in Shanghai, speaking about the recent UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape Recommendation. There will be a full-day workshop on the historic urban landscape approach, using Whyte Avenue and Old Strathcona as case studies. This event is being co-hosted by the Old Strathcona Foundation. [for more information, please contact Eryn Buckle at Eryn@heritagecollaborative.com]

The Toronto event will be in three parts, with an initial planning workshop on March 27 and then follow-up public open houses in May and October. The focus will be on the Florence themes in a Toronto context, considering the inter-relationships between heritage, culture, social justice, and development. These events are being co-hosted by ICOMOS Canada with the Centre for City Ecology and 401 Richmond. [for more information, please contact Michael McClelland at michael.mcclelland@canada.icomos.org]

The Vancouver event, on April 4 and 5, will look at sustaining places that matter to the community, with participants from the fields of planning, architecture, economics, development, culture, housing, sustainability, and heritage. Vancouver case studies will be used to consider at-risk cultural facilities, institutional buildings, and commercial high streets. Julian Smith will give a public address on the evening of April 4. [for more information, please contact Gerry McGeough at mcgeoughgerry@gmail.com]

The Whitehorse events will include an evening event on April 17 to coincide with World Heritage Day, and a fall workshop on cultural landscapes, planning, and the 'Yukon approach' in conjunction with the Yukon Historical and Museums Association annual heritage symposium. [for more information, please contact Nancy Oakley at info@heritageyukon.ca or at 867-667-4704]

The Halifax and Ottawa events are still in the planning stages. One of these events will function as the ICOMOS Canada AGM, and will include a discussion of young professionals and their role in the evolving ICOMOS community.

Some of these events are open to the general public; others are for ICOMOS Canada members. For more information, and for membership, please visit the ICOMOS Canada website at canada.icomos.org. We look forward to engaging with individuals and communities across the country.

ICOMOS Canada is also open to additional workshops in other Canadian locations - please feel free to contact any of the current Board members.

Past Events


Cultural Tourism Development and Management at Canadian World Heritage Sites

Ottawa, March 22-23, 2012 

Dear Members and Friends of ICOMOS Canada

ICOMOS Canada will soon be hosting in Ottawa a special event on the development and management of cultural tourism at World Heritage sites in Canada, in conjunction with the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention in 2012. The event will mainly take place on the Friday 23rd March at Carleton University with, on the 22nd, a special information session on the role of ICOMOS and its members in the implementation of the World Heritage Convention along with a welcome reception at the Aga Khan Foundation of Canada . 

On Thursday, March 22nd, members will receive a tour of Pritzker Prize winner Fumihiko Maki’s award winning building as well as an introduction to the Aga Khan Trust for Culture’s heritage conservation and economic development program. On Friday, the full day Congress will present tourism and World Heritage site development from a federal perspective, and given that the event will be hosted at Carleton, a local stakeholder perspective and exciting new digital interpretation project for one of Canada’s newest World Heritage sites, the Rideau Canal.

There will be an ICOMOS Canada Annual General Meeting at the end of the Congress to inform members on the recent activities of the organization nationally and internationally and undertake a vote on the renewal of the Bylaws of our National Committee, that have been worked on by an assigned steering committee in conjunction with the ICOMOS Canada Executive and Board. The attached new bylaws are the result of that work and have been adopted by the Board as an amendment of the existing ones so they can be submitted to the General Assembly of ICOMOS Canada members for ratification. They propose a simpler, clearer and more unified structure while proclaiming our commitment to bilingualism, to regional and disciplinary diversity and to international ethical and intervention principles.

The Culture of Water

International Day For Monuments and Sites 2011 —
The Culture of Water
April 18, 2011

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ICOMOS Canada 2010 Congress
The 2010 Annual Meeting and Conference of ICOMOS Canada will take place in Ottawa on 21-23 October on the international theme of Heritage of Agriculture.


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Past Publications
ICOMOS Canada is pleased to announce that thanks to the considerable efforts of Francois Leblanc, almost all of ICOMOS Canada’s publications dating from 1983 onwards can now be viewed online. This is an invaluable resource that catalogues the litany of topics that have been covered and discussed by ICOMOS Canada members and colleagues in Canada and overseas.

bulletClick here for the past publications.

« Patrimoine de l’agriculture »
Journée internationale des monuments et sites 2010
(in French)


Haiti — Blue Shield Statement

Please find attached the Statement issued by the Blue Shield on the human and heritage tragedy in Haiti following the January 12 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Carrefour, Jacmel and the Southern part of the country. ICOMOS Canada raised concern to ICOMOS over the fact that such statement was produced only in English in a way which could be seen as insensitive or even disrespectful to the Haitian cultural reality, a surprising fact considering Blue Shield is a partnership of many international organizations like ICOMOS which are mostly based in France. Since organizations like ICOMOS can mostly help communities affected in such disasters with recovering their own cultural heritage as part of their overall recovery efforts, it's important that we demonstrate sensitivity to that heritage. 

Dinu Bumbaru
President, ICOMOS Canada

arrowBlue Shield Statement
arrowUNESCO World Heritage: Haiti

ICOMOS together with
bulletThe International Council on Archives (www.ica.org),
bulletThe International Council of Museums (www.icom.museum),
bulletThe International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
bulletThe Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations
make up the International Committee of the Blue Shield (ICBS), founded in 1996.

For more information see http://www.blueshield-international.org

With best regards
International Council on Monuments and Sites

Appel à communications

Preserving Modern Architecture in Québec, Canada and Elsewhere
— Heritage Challenges and the Mobilization of Knowledge

Université du Québec à Montréal
October 14-17, 2010

Invitation to architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, designers, conservationists, visual artists, archivists, museologists, art historians, architectural and cultural historians, sociologists, anthropologists, teachers, students, property owners, and real estate managers and developers.

Researchers and practitioners interested in submitting proposals for papers must do so no later than March 15, 2010.

Other News

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